Casa Propia exists for all owners

Whether it is a small apartment or a super deluxe multi-million-dollar villa, new or existing construction, we all need the same information. Definitely a good reason to stay informed every week via our Digital Newspaper.

Documents check

To ensure that a property complies with the legal requirements, it is useful to have a check-up on the essential documents. Unfortunately, not being in possession of the documents or not having expiry dates on it, does not guarantee its validity. One invalid document can affect all other documents. Make sure to dot your “I’s” and cross your “ T’s” to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Not having the correct documentation can have the following consequences:

  • you pay your insurance premium in good faith, but will not receive any, or just limited payments in the event of major damage
  • you will have problems obtaining renovation or rental permission.
  • if you should be or in the future are disconnected from electricity or water, you will not get a new connection
  • upon aproval on renovation, you will be told to demolish buildings for which no permit was previously applied for (with the previous owner) (Note: time barred buildings/tolerated, too!)
  • licences for (holiday) rentals become invalid, meaning you may not be insured in the event of damage or accident, not to mention you would be renting out illegally, hence at risk of fines (Note: these are heavy!)
  • you will certainly have problems with the sale, or selling may be impossible

Fight for justice (tolerated, condoned construction; AFO Asimilado a Fuera de Ordenación)

We fight as well for unfortunate owners who bought a property in good faith but then find out, often too late, it does not possess the correct documents, or is illegal. Now small local groups of victims are fighting an endless battle for justice with limited resources. We do follow the ongoing AFO file that has been dragging on for years, where sadly a good resolution is still a long way off. Until then, hundreds of thousands of owners will live in great uncertainty, and that must stop.

How can we be of service to you

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