Finally a community for and by foreign buyers and homeowners in Spain!

Casa Propia means ‘own home’ and we are here to unite homeowners and potential buyers via an online community that gives you the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge. Our aim is to help buyers get their home legally and safely and homeowners by providing helpful information and supporting them in the ensuring they have all essential legal documents.

Together we will make the Spanish housing market transparent and safe by avoiding the pitfalls. Will you join us?

Buyers and homeowners: Stronger together

It shouldn’t be the case that you are left to pick up the pieces after placing your trust in the homebuying process to find out you have bought a property that is not what you expected it to be. Our survey shows that people found out too late that their casita or swimming pool is in fact illegal, tolerated or time barred or that essential documents were not in order. Survey respondents felt that nobody had highlighted the consequences, or they had downplayed the consequences in the interest of the transaction. Almost everyone trusted that ‘’the people who guide me (maybe even in their own mother tongue) are friendly professionals who wouldn’t do that’’. Unfortunately, the reality is that this does happen in every price range, from small apartments to luxurious villas.

In Spain, believe it or not, you will find residential areas and apartment-complexes that are completely illegal. According to the Spanish Consumer Association (OCU), six out of eleven new construction projects do not have a permit (see article OCU).

Casa Propia is committed to help homeowners who bought a problem house in good faith. Together we will find a structural solution.

Buy a house in Spain? Our mission is to make is safer and cheaper!

What type of buyer are you?

In Spain, it is a part of the culture to build and rebuild without a permit. But that is not without consequences. Are you willing to take a risk, or do you prefer to be safe?

Do you need help with the big search for a legal property? Smart Search!

Searching for a property is a time-consuming job, especially if you are not a resident in Spain or you are only here part of the year. The process can be overwhelming thanks to so many websites and real estate agents. Perhaps you are on your annual family holiday trying to fit viewings in around some valuable downtime. It is even more frustrating when you show serious interest to find out the properties are not as legal as suggested. We are here to avoid this by supporting you to make the first selections.

Pitfalls for buyers

At Casa Propia we want you to have fun and enjoy the experience of viewing and eventually buying the right property whilst ensuring it is legally viable. You should get to enjoy your holiday as well as view suitable properties without the risk of wasting valuable time. We want to support you every step of the way by arming you with the relevant information and expertise along with any potential pitfalls. We are here to help you keep a cool head during this exciting next step in your life.

Never buy a property without an IGP-inspection in Spain

Due to the ongoing deception and fraud within the Spanish housing market, it is essential to protect the buyers. Casa Propia understand how vunerable buyers can be and how alone you can feel in the process. There is no point reinventing the wheel just as there is no reason to relive the same mistakes. We have brought together and incorporated the experiences of our members to create your independent home inspection. The inspection carries out important checks against the ‘’professionals’’ for ethics, reliability and professionalism. This is what makes our IGP-inspection (Inspección General de la Propiedad) the most reliable in Spain as well as being a huge saving on expenses for the buyer.