Finca with time barred extension

It is part of the culture. Expanding a home without a permit. A homeowner who does not want to be named by name bought a house in Mallorca in 2018.

The broker indicated that the extension was not legal, but it was time-barred. Because of this I would not get any fines and it did not have to be afraid that I had to break off. That was also confirmed by the lawyer. That gave me a certain feeling.

Now I have a serious problem, because I want to renovate and get no permit before I break the tolerated expansion. Without this extension, the house is no longer interesting. It made the house at the time of the purchase so interesting for us. Now I have a house that I can’t do anything with even inside. The architect with whom we wanted to arrange the renovation indicated that the property in the municipality is listed as Fuera de ordanza, which means that the residence permit is no longer valid either. And that appears to be a document that an insurer asks for in the event of major damage. In other words my house is not even insured. We are really mad and disappointed.