What type of buyer are you?

1. Buyers who choose certainty

They are looking for a property that they can rebuild, reconstruct, insure and sell in the future, with no unpleasant surprises and that they can fully enjoy without any stress.

2. Buyers who take a risk (speculation)

Buyers who are willing to take a risk, could buy a nicer house cheaper, although it is not actually guaranteed to turn out that way.

A few examples of risks could be
  • The risk of potential fines and additional taxation
  • The risk of having to demolish the buildings or the entire property
  • The risk that permits are not being granted, extended or are invalid
  • The risk that the insurance cover is limited
  • The risk that selling on the property will be hard or impossible due to legislations
  • Ignoring or underestimating the warning signs of deception and fraud
  • The gamble that the house or buildings will be legalized in the future, and therefore turn out well afterwards

Whatever group you belong to, it is important to know what you are buying!

The problem of the Spanish housing market is that people who opt for security often end up unwittingly purchasing a property in the risk category, possibly because they have not been informed of the consequences by real estate agents, lawyers and notaries. From small apartments to super deluxe villas, it appears to happen in all price ranges. That is why our advice is as logical as it is urgent, always buy with a IGP purchase inspection. Not only much safer, but also a saving on costs!