Casa Propia literally means own house. More than in any other country, in Spain it is important to be well informed. We cannot repeat it enough: practice shows that both purchasers and homeowners in every price range receive incomplete and incorrect information, and unfortunately often too late confronted with the consequences.

There are very important reasons why buyers must ensure that a property is legal and homeowners must ensure that all documents are in order. Read more about it on this website, because it is not as obvious and innocent as it seems. The community was established to help each other, to defend the interest of homeowners and purchasers.

Together we make the Spanish housing market safer and more efficient!

Stop the abuse of purchasers in Spain!

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Så köp aldrig en fastighet i Spanien utan inspektion!

På grund av korruption och det stora antalet bedrägerier som skett och fortfarande sker på den spanska bostadsmarknaden är det nödvändigt att skydda köparna. Många som känt sig förda bakom ljuset äger idag fastigheter som inte uppfyller deras förväntningar.

Trafiksäkerheten i Spanien och övriga Europa har ökat markant tack vare obligatoriska inspektioner för fordon. Casa Propia eftersträvar en liknande situation för den spanska fastighetsmarknaden med sin opartiska fastighetsinspektion IGP (Inspection General de Propiedad, eller Allmän Fastighetsinspektion).


Checking essential documents for homeowners!

Homeowners do not realize it, but it is very important that you have the documents and licenses in order. Prevent your insurance from partially or completely paying out damage, refurbishing permits not being granted or licenses for holiday rentals not being extended or declared invalid. Avoid surprises and let professionals perform an objective check.


Unik egenskapsöketjänst för köpare

For most purchasers, searching is a time-consuming job, especially since you probably do not live here and want to enjoy your holiday in addition to the viewings. The addresses are not online, and when you show serious interest, properties are not as legal as suggested, if you find out. Apart from that, with so many estate agents (apart from the local ones) and private sellers, it is virtually impossible to maintain an overview. So you almost never have a really good idea of what is for sale. As a community, we have found a solution; a Search query for purchasers.


Guidance for buyers

Buying a house and especially looking at houses in Spain is very nice. But when it comes to finalizing the purchase, it becomes exciting. In the end you will find the perfect home yourself and you don’t want a problem home. We can imagine that you need someone who, unlike the broker of the seller, is guaranteed to be by your side. Apart from the fact that the costs are relatively low, it is actually not a cost item, a problem house certainly is.


Vi måste hitta en lösning för alla husägare med olagliga fastigheter och olicensierade utbyggnader

Trots att det är en lokal fråga är problemet nationellt. Vi kan inte låta det fortgå att de med ett olagligt hus (som AFO) eller en olicensierad utbyggnad som drabbats av en större skada är i händerna på försäkringsbolaget och dennes välvilja. Att så faktiskt sker idag gör det lika mycket till ett socialt problem av nationell betydelse eftersom majoriteten har köpt sitt hus i god tro och har inte fått fullständig information vid köpet.


An arbitration committee to ensure quality

There is no better way to control the professionals than through an aritrage committee consisting of members of Casa Propia who determine whether a professional is doing his job properly. That is, apart from other preventative measures, another reason why the IGP inspection is the only truly reliable one.