Smart Search

It’s a bizarre time, of lockdowns, face masks and curfews as it is almost impossible to visit Spain for many people.

Why not use the coming months in a useful way to keep an eye on the developments in the housing market, finally get the stock complete, filter out the problem houses and not interesting ones, so that you have a complete selection to view efficiently as soon as you come over to Spain.

Smart Search is based on the experiences of homeowners during the search for their home in Spain. What challenges they come across and how can we improve it? As a buyer looking for a property certain comments will seem familiar to you …

10 most heard comments in the search process

  1. “The search took a lot of time because we also wanted to enjoy our holiday and did not look at houses every day. It would have been helpful if we had better information and knew the location beforehand.”
  2. “Property portals are not up to date and incomplete. They even include sold porperties”
  3. “To get a clear overview of all property portals and real estate agencies websites is impossible”
  4. We always had the feeling that our new home exists and for that reason the decision to buy took considerably longer. Also many houses are overpriced, the logic is lacking.”
  5. “The properties of local Spanish estate agents are often not on the internet. As we do not speak Spanish it was difficult to be able to communicate even by e-mail. During the search process we found that many agents have some really interesting properties. “
  6. “We were offered homes that absolutely did not meet our needs and we were clear as to what we wanted. There was a lot of time spent looking at properties that looked much nicer on photos than in practice”
  7. “I had left my email address and was flooded with houses for sale that did not meet our criteria. We were clearly put on a mailing list.”
  8. “Many estate agents offer the same properties. We always discovered properties that the other agents did not offer, so we had the feeling that we had to visit every agent in the area, which took a lot of time. We were shown the same house by 2 different agents which again did not help”
  9. “We never got the location of the house, while that is the most important factor. It was a waste of time to visit properties that turned out to be in the wrong location”
  10. “Having looked at houses with real estate agents they never contacted us to see how we felt about them and get more information to be able to help us”

Why not get a coordinator to assist you?

  • A coordinator has explicitly chosen the objectives of Casa Propia, a safe housing market and improving ethics, which is reflected in their honest working method.
  • A coordinator is independent and not commission-driven, which means that he or she will do his utmost, regardless of the purchase price and will actually only represent your interests.
  • Just like the lawyers, economists and architects, a coordinator also signs the integrity statement and works under the supervision of the arbitration committee consisting of members of Casa Propia.
  • Coordinators share a lot of useful information, the real pitfalls and information that an estate agent in the interest of the seller or transaction does not share with you.
  • A coordinator contacts the estate agents and filter the mails by “spam”, newsletters, and properties that certainly do not match your search profile.This way you keep a clean mailbox yourself.
  • If possible, a coordinator contacts the real estate agents or owners for a live virtual tour
  • A coordinator checks in advance whether serious problems are to be expected with a property before we schedule the viewings
  • A real estate agent will think twice and not offer problem houses if you are aaccompanied by a coordinator.
  • As soon as you want or can travel again, we plan the viewings in consultation with agents or owners.
  • And if you have found the ideal home, if you wish, your coordinator can coordinate the entire process up to the notary for you, including an IGP purchase inspection.

Shall we work together with Smart Search? Please contact us without any obligation.