• Legaliseren niet mogelijk

According to the test results, the house currently does not meet the legal requirements. You do not have the most important document the Licencia de ocupación or you have an AFO home. It is really important to pay attention to that soon, because as far as it looks now you are running risks and we want to prevent that. This information is not to scare you. As a group defending interests, we have a moral duty to inform you honestly and to help you, so that you can enjoy Spain without any worries.

Overzicht van belangrijke documenten

Deze documenten dient elke eigenaar fysiek in huis te hebben:

  • Licencia de (primera) ocupación (niet te verwarren met een Cerificado de ocupación!)
  • Cédula de habitabilidad
  • Copy van alle afgegeven licenties voor bouw en verbouw
  • Final de obra van alle verbouwingen (ook van de vorige eigenaren) ondertekend door een architect
  • Copy van de koopovereenkomst
  • Escrituras
  • Boletin electra, water en gas (indien je bijv. op gas kookt of verwarmt)
  • Nota Catastral
  • Nota Registral
  • Nota Simple
  • Huishoudelijk reglement comunidad
  • Verzekering met polisvoorwaarden
  • Hypotheekakte

Which situation applies to you?

  • You knew the property was illegal or you built it yourself without a permit and were aware of the consequences below
  • You did not know that the property was illegal and you were not fully informed or misled at the time of purchase, you were not aware of the consequences below

What we should avoid

  • A message is that the property must be demolished if legalization is not possible, no AFO, DAFO or SAFO certificate is present, the construction is not time-barred or is on protected land.
  • Difficulties or unable to sell the property in the future before you have everything in order, for example because ethical advisers do check on behalf of the buyer whether the Licencia de Ocupación is valid or whether the notary will be obliged to verify the validity in the future. Your invested capital is stuck.
  • A prospective buyer who wants to reverse the purchase or claim damage if they discover that that essential information has been concealed.
  • The value of the property must be adjusted on the basis of its legal condition, meaning without illegal buildings (including tolerated constrction).
  • The house may only be maintained, but not rebuilt or renovated if this is necessary due to damage.
  • Even if you pay premium, the question is whether there is guaranteed coverage of the insurance, because the company might have the right not to pay out damage (especially irresponsible risk in the case of major damage).
  • If you rent out the house and the Licencia de ocupación is invalid or you don’t have one, this almost certainly means that the rental license is also invalid, with possible consequences for, for example, the coverage of the insurance (possibly even personal injury) and risk of fines. Not only irresponsible for yourself, but also for your guests / tenants.