Application form

Documents check

It is worthwhile to do a document check before signing a contract or making a down payment. We indicate which documents you must request from the seller or estate agent. This differs per municipality in Spain. We verify that all documents have been submitted and analyze them.

Duration: 2 days after receipt of documents

Pre Scan

In contrast to the normal procedure when purchasing a property, we first do a Pre-scan. With a Pre-scan you get an answer to the question whether the property should be able to obtain a valid Property Passport or whether it is illegal. If the property is illegal and can not obtain a Property Passport, further investigation is no longer necessary and you will save money on further investigation.

During the Pre-scan, a specialized urbanismo inspector and a lawyer examine whether the house meets the zoning plan on paper. Without these specialists it is impossible to know what you are actually buying. The Pre-scan is a thorough report signed by both professionals. Depending on the result, you decide for yourself whether you want to have an IGP carried out, in which the paper reality and the situation on site are examined, among other things.

Duration: max 10 working days

Reservation contract

You want the time to properly research the legality of the property and want maximum certainty that your deposit will be refunded if the property does not meet the agreements made (resolutive conditions) or is illegal. Then a good reservation contract is important. We help you draft it. As soon as the contract has been signed by the seller and you, we start the Pre-scan.

Duration: 2-5 working days