A purchase inspection, a personal guide and low fixed rates

In Spain it seems as if the real estate agent who offers the property also represents the interests of the buyer. In fact, real estate agents are gaining confidence to sell a home. That is their job and they are good at it. So don’t be naive and use a professional who looks after your interests. Moreover, it is cheaper for members of Casa Propia than without any help or guidance. So you would be crazy not to use it.

Why would someone go with you on every visit if you don’t even know if the houses meet your needs? Those are extra costs without adding anything See also Smart Search). That is why we speak of a coordinator instead of a buying agent. Many people prefer to view in peace and quiet and have a greater need for unburdening and security once the dream home is found. Buying with the help of a coordinator is not only more efficient, but also safer because they have a purchase inspection carried out by three real specialists, an architect, a gestor (economist) and a lawyer for every transaction.

Would you like to meet a coordinator who explains everything in your own language, without any obligation?