The IGP inspection examines the most important aspects of the property

Road safety is increased by mandatory vehicle inspections. Casa Propia strives for a comparable situation for the Spanish housing market through an independent inspection, an IGP (Inspección General de la Propiedad).

The inspection is important for buyers to be able to make the right decision, and for sellers of legal or legalizable homes it is a very good way to sell faster and to end the competition with illegal properties. After all, a car with an inspection also sells faster. The Casa Propia members check the professionals for ethics, reliability and professionalism. That makes the IGP the most reliable inspection. The inspection is delivered in your own language if desired, so that you can properly assess the situation yourself.


What is being investigated?

A) Administrative aspects

  • Ownership
  • Load analysis
  • Residence permit
  • Cadastral identification
  • Taxes
  • Recommendations

B) Urbanistic aspects

  • Control of surfaces
  • Urban analysis (regulations, qualifications, conditions, etc.)
  • Urban Situation (legality of constructions)
  • Parameter compliance
  • Use
  • Recommendations