The IGP check will investigate the most important aspects of the property

We can agree that road safety will be increased by performing mandatory vehicle inspections. At Casa Propia we strive to provide the security you need for the Spanish housing market by performing an independent inspection, the IGP (Inspección General de la Propiedad) which stands for General Inspection of the Property.

The inspection is essential for buyers to help make the right decision. Likewise for the sellers of legal homes or the homes that can be legalized; this is a very good way to be able to sell the property faster and to end competition you face unfairly against illegal properties. After all, a vehicle with the right inspection will also sell more easily. All members of Casa Propia will check the professionals for ethics, reliability and professionalism. This is what makes the IGP the most reliable inspection. If desired there is also the possibility to deliver the inspection in your own language so you can confidently evaluate the situation for yourself.

You will be guided by a coordinator in your own language.

How does it work?

  1. You have found yourself a property. Now it is important to investigate whether everything is alright.
  2. We will first make an initial risk assessment of the property (200€) enabling us to know if it is really worthwhile continuing with the purchase process before you incur any unnecessary costs .
  3. If it turns out that the assessment is positive, we will prepare a declaration of intent. This is a document by which we reserve the property, but this also releases you from your obligations if the property has any issues, a clause in which the result of the IGP-inspection is included as a cancellation clause.
  4. We will coordinate the signing with the seller.
  5. We will prepare a deposit account (notary) with conditions as agreed on in the declaration of intent. (the safest way for both buyer and seller)
  6. We will collect all the necessary documents for the IGP-inspection.
  7. We will coordinate the gestor, the architect and the lawyer that will perform the IGP-inspection.
  8. We will coordinate the dispatch of the contract to the notary for the preparation of the deeds.