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Do not wait until it is too late to apply for a CUP (Control Urbanistico Propiedad)

Most homeowners seem to have confidence in the professionals who guide them through the purchase of a property and its insurance or mortgage. They expect to get fully informed and trust everything is fine and taking care of. But as a matter of fact, hardly any owner appears to know the actual status of their own home, and perhaps more importantly, they have no idea of ​​the risks. Based on feedback from our members, we, unfortunately, have to conclude a light is shed on problems when it’s too late. Reason why we strongly advise owners of both apartments and houses (both new and existing construction) to request an independent CUP in time.

  • We recommend not letting the period to recover damage or to reverse the purchase expire, and by so as to avoid eventual consequences being finally at your expense (see below).
  • When the limitation period has expired, avoid being faced with surprises (see below).

There are, of course, costs associated with the CUP, but these do not outweigh the sometimes drastic consequences if a home does not meet the legal requirements;

  1. Most owners are not aware their fate depends on a municipal official who may or may not like them. This is not something you want. Arbitrariness is an unacceptably great risk.
  2. You want guaranteed insurance coverage, not only for minor damage but especially for a major one. Be careful with claiming damage or risk of physical injury (accident) when renting out while your home does not meet the policy conditions (legal requirements).
  3. You definitely do not want to receive a demolition order, because documents are turning out to be invalid or have been obtained by fraud. Unfortunately, this is more common than you think.
  4. If your home has become uninhabitable due to fire, water, or storm, you want a guarantee that you can repair the damage or rebuild the home if necessary.
  5. You do not want to have to demolish part of your house to obtain a renovation permit or Final de obra, even if the buildings are time-barred. Time barred is not as innocent as it is suggested at the sale (no fines and no more breaking down courts) and certainly does not mean legal or semi-legal.
  6. It should never be, a mortgage is uncovered by a home insurance, risking you are not entitled to payment in the event of major damage, and still you are left with the mortgage.
  7. You do not want to be notified about the holiday rental permit not being renewed or being invalid when you need the rental income.
  8. You do not dream of not selling in the future, because your home does not meet the legal requirements due to the changing legislation that requires a property must comply with the law when sold. Until now, checks via notaries have been limited, but enforcement is relatively simple and just around the corner.

Fight for justice (tolerated constructions, AFO Asimilado a Fuera de Ordenación)

We fight as well for unfortunate owners who bought a property in good faith but then find out, often too late, it does not possess the correct documents, or is illegal. Now small local groups of victims are fighting an endless battle for justice with limited resources. We do follow the ongoing AFO file that has been dragging on for years, where sadly a good resolution is still a long way off. Until then, hundreds of thousands of owners will live in great uncertainty, and that must stop.

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