A coordinator can help you find legal properties

The experiences of our members have led to a series of recommendations to ensure the smooth purchase of your home. Buying a property in Spain should be a feast and not end in trouble and stress. Finding the right property is time consuming and we can help you with that. The costs for this service are 275€ for the three-month period.

How does it work?

We approach real estate agents, including local real estate agents, to offer their properties with the request to assess them based on our IGP legality check. As a private individual you will receive a lot that does not meet the requirements. We will forward the homes we receive to you, after which you can decide for yourself whether a viewing will follow. You can of course view it yourself, you do not need our help.


  • Coordinators are independent and not driven by commisions
  • First filter to exclude illegal house
  • A more complete picture of the market so as not to miss any opportunities
  • No more excessive emails from brokers
  • Much more efficient, the search is greatly reduced
  • Safer; Once you have found your home, apply for a home inspection in which all important aspects are checked and processed in a report.