Our rates have been established with the assistance of external professionals who all signed an integrity statement and are supervised by the arbitration committee of members of Casa Propia.


  • Smart Search €275

    For three months, we approach as many real estates as possible, including the local Spanish ones who do not publish (everything) on the Internet and with whom personal contact is important. The initial costs are for setting up the search. The costs for renewing every three months are only € 75. (see property search)

  • Smart Search PREMIUM (on request)

    It is rarely clear which properties are likely to have problems. Even the Estate Agent is unable to provide a definitive answer because spatial planning is not their area of expertise. How about excluding illegal properties to avoid wasting vacation time, or a trip to Spain for viewings, in vain? You may want the viewings with the Estate Agents to be arranged for you, especially with Spanish speakers: no problem, it can be done!

  • Pre-Scan €95

    A Pre-Scan comes before performing a full IGP inspection. The Pre-Scan alone could show if a property is completely illegal, saving the unnecessary IGP inspection additional cost. (see property found)

  • IGP purchase inspection: €1.200 (Apartments and New construction) €1.500 (Villas and Fincas)

    An IGP purchase inspection is carried out by a technical architect on site and a gestor. The architect pays a visit to the property and to the relevant government departments, and investigates illegal construction and/or renovation.
    The gestor investigates all administrative and tax matters. Subsequently a lawyer will analyse the inspection. A purchase inspection always starts with a Pre-scan to avoid the costs of a full inspection when the property turns out to be completely illegal.
    The professionals sign a declaration of integrity and work under supervision of the arbitration panel made up of members of Casa Propia. This makes our method the only reliable one in Spain. (see property found)

  • Contracts and legal control €300

    Since the lawyer is as also involved in the legal check within the IGP inspection, we can use a fixed low rate for drawing up the contracts rather than the usual 1%, regardless of the purchase price. This provides considerable savings and, moreover, offers maximum security. (see also property found)

    The reservation contract comes inclusively with the IGP purchase inspection.

Owners / Sellers

  • Property documents check €95

    To ensure that a property meets the legal requirements, it is useful to have a check-up on the essential documents. Unfortunately, not being in possession of the documents or not having expiry dates on it, does not guarantee its validity. One invalid document can affect all remaining documents. Make sure to dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s” to avoid unpleasant surprises. (See owners)

  • IGP sales certificate: €900 (Apartments and New construction) €1.100 (Villas and Fincas)

    Make your property stand out from non-legal ones in order to sell faster.

    An IGP sales inspection is performed and signed by an affiliated technical architect. An architect pays a visit to the property and to the relevant government departments and investigates eventual illegal construction and/or renovation. Subsequently a lawyer will analyse the inspection and will be able to issue a certificate. (see property sale)