Casa Propia – about us

History of Origin

Casa Propia was founded in January 2020. The non-profit community is the result of a group of homeowners who have been victim of scam when buying a property and in need of sharing stories.

Almost everyone was accompanied by a real estate agent and a lawyer in their own language or English. Many, despite knowing and wanting, have bought a completely illegal home, others have been faced with fines or problems of various kinds afterwards. The community now consists of buyers and homeowners of all nationalities and in all price ranges.


The community wants to use the knowledge and experiences of members to prevent deception of future buyers and to keep homeowners informeds. We want to tackle a structural problem among professionals in Spain, ethics. A safer housing market, that is our goal.

The community selects professionals who are willing to work under the conditions of Casa Propia, sign the integrity statement and have no problem under the supervision of an arbitration committee consisting of members.